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@salbahra wrote:

If the weather is returning code 3200 (undefined) then no icon is shown. Try this:

Replace WOEID with the code you have (if you know it) and paste the line similar to the one below:

Update: I just resolved your area’s WOEID and got 1102170, which does indeed report 3200. I will see about re-centering the temperature on code 3200 so it at least doesn’t look weird.

Update 2: I pushed an update to remove the allocated space for the image if code 3200 is reported. This should re-center the temperature right above the location and make it look more appropriate.

This sorts out the display, but I’m not sure what happens if AutomaticRainDelay is enabled and gets a 3200 back. I guess as its not either a reset code or a delay code it falls out and does a reset?