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@salbahra wrote:

@Zapp No problem! Just to give you my scenario, I have almost no wifi in my apartment currently, and my iPhone will spin for a while as well. With the new timeout you will at least be able to tell which end is stalling. If it still spins a lot you know it’s your connection between your phone and your Pi. If the weather just doesn’t load after 5 seconds (empty) then you know the Pi was having issues reaching Yahoo. This is because we capped the server at 5 seconds but did not set a timeout on the phone.

I don’t know if this still is valid but judging by the above it was my Pi having issues with Yahoo.

@salbahra wrote:

For future reference, you can find the version in the About page accessed from the side panel. Currently, Ray has v14 and the latest is v15.

On the About page where? I can’t see any version number…

I don’t know how this (XX:XX remaining) is calculated but it looks like it misbehaves when the rain delay is involved…

My P1 is scheduled to run all zones at 05:00:00, 15 min each. It’s now 15:25:03 and this is the screenshot.

I also think that ‘Last Run’ has some issues with ‘Time Zone’. Looks like it’s not taken into account at all. Mine is GMT +2:00 and the status page says 04:15:41 but it should have been 06:15:41. The Logs page have the correct time!