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I installed your application and it (almost) worked first time. My settings didn’t save due to my hostname not resolving. Once I put in the correct hostname, with domain, it saved my settings.

Just one request. I see that US/Central is the default Timezone. What is the significance of this as I left it at default and when I ran the application it picked up my local GMT+2 Timezone automatically. If it has significance, can we not have a dropdown list of all the available timezones?

I also found my Location not being read correctly from OS. I have ‘Irene,South+Africa’ configured and it only displays ‘Irene’ in the MobileWeb app.

Oops, one more ‘bug’. I set my ‘S32’ name to ‘Station32’. When I check the Settings page it displays ‘Station32’ but when I go to Manual Control it displays ‘Station31’

Other than that, it works like a charm.