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@djagerif The timezone selection in the installation screen is used by the program preview and the logger. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to translate the value from the OS to PHP and that is why it exists.

As for the location information, my regex is cutting off the name because it doesn’t allow commas, but that will now be fixed in the next update, expect it soon.

As for the station names: that’s very weird. My only guess is that the manual mode page doesn’t update between each page load (I assumed not much changes and one less Ajax call is better/faster). So my first recommendation is to refresh the entire site and see if the page updates. If it does, than I will simply Ajax call a new manual mode page, just in case, and will post this update soon.

I just tried it on Chrome in iOS 6 and experienced no problems. My best guess is this is an iOS 7 beta issue which I honestly do not have or know how to isolate. Best recommendation is wait until iOS 7 is final or use mobile safari.