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I am currently in the process of developing a program preview option which is almost complete at this point. I am able to update the data live using a date picker and show the proper data. My only problem at this point is how to best visualize this information and would love any feedback. I want to avoid a table view since that is hard to read on an iPhone and I also want to avoid the default OpenSprinkler program preview because it would be crammed on a small screen.

My thoughts have been displaying an up/down scrolling view similar to calendar view on the iPhone for a specific day. I would just plot the days on the view similar to calendar events for the day. I think this would work fine but would love feedback from others before I develop the UI for it.

Update: I found this which might be a very nice way to implement the preview. Specifically is what I think would look very well. I will begin incorporating this timeline and push it as soon as it works well.