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That’s the problem. I made a change in the code to change the timezone to UTC. I also removed this option from the installer. The problem is people who had the old software still have the old timezone configuration. I made the situation worse by not defining UTC right into main.php but left it into config.php.

The line inside your config.php can be safely deleted after updating to the latest version (however you really don’t have to since I now define UTC inside main.php after importing the config):


Anyways, pushed an update that should resolve the problem for everyone. The only problem left are your old log entries (inside /var/www/OpenSprinkler-Controller/SprinklerChanges.txt). You will have to dump them and start fresh.

The long-term sequele is all user’s logs will be in UTC and a timezone offset (set via the OpenSprinkler) is used to change the display. This works better for the main reason that user’s dont need to set two timezones (one on the OpenSprinkler and one in the web app).

Let me know if this helps!