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I had a pretty serious bug in the logging and I have since revised it. I no longer loop through the file to get the last line and instead kick the request out to the shell function tail. I did this because I do not have my laptop or any tools to fix this and had to make this fix using Github. The reason I am telling you this is because this breaks compatibility with Windows user’s. This is most likely a very small subset of people however I plan on fixing this later today.

I also fixed a bug in the watcher script that was resulting in every minute check to output a newline to the log file. This has been fixed as well.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue. Thanks!

Update: The reason these bugs cropped up is because I recently removed the requirement for SprinklerPrevious.txt file (this file can now be safely deleted). Instead, I read the last line of the main log. I do this in a way that doesn’t push the entire file into memory, so no performance cost. The first problem described above is related to the method of reading the last line (my first way would cause an infinite loop if the file was empty). The second problem was the SprinklerPrevious format was slightly different than the main log file (specifically no date/time wasn’t added).