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@salbahra wrote:

@Zapp I think I found the problem and will post a fix soon. Based on what you said, this is a new install and the readLastLine function I added is looping indefinitely because no last line is found (there isn’t one).

Confirmed: watcher.php now runs clean without errors.

I do however have another strange error.

I have 1 program running 5 zones, every zone running for 20 minutes, once each day of the week starting at 0400. In the webapp the table log files and the program preview tell the correct storry but the graph log files skip some time after zone 2 and is not in sync with the start time if I read the graph correctly.

Timezone in device settings is +2.


00000000--2013-07-29 20:03:01--0--0
10000000--2013-07-30 02:00:01--0--0
01000000--2013-07-30 02:21:01--0--0
00100000--2013-07-30 02:40:01--0--0
00010000--2013-07-30 03:00:02--0--0
00001000--2013-07-30 03:20:01--0--0
00000000--2013-07-30 03:41:01--0--0


Program preview

All logging in the interval program are correct as far as I can see.