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Perhaps you can shed some light on this situation:

1. Setup open sprinkler… allowed port forwarding
2. Works fine from multiple machines, browsers, etc with ray’s hosted web app.
3. Try from my girlfriends machine and iphone, and get the message: “Check IP/Port and try again.” from both. Neither of these devices have accessed the local or web app previously. Safari 6 on the laptop.
4. Used iphone to access local device on local network – works fine
5. Navigate back to the hosted web app, appears to login, but does not display correct information and has red banner saying “System Disabled”.
6. Then, on the laptop (haven’t navigated to local app), I realize I can get to the web app and login with no password provided. I clear all cache, cookies, etc. Still can login with no password provided.

So, lots of odd stuff… thoughts?