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also wish list for features; I dug through your code and it looks like you could implement it very easy; I was planing on doing it with the new python api but it’d be better to have it in the gui and you already have the current temperature available when you do a weather check.

I live in Colorado and we have random snow storms all the way into deep spring; I have to be prepared to bring stuff in past mothers day.. What would be very nice is a configurable minimum temperature to check for a weather delay; for example if its 3am and internet weather says its under 40 degrees then trigger a delay (which I have set to 17h) and try again in the evening and its been removed because its warmer than 40 degrees.. Weather can be sunny and clear but still near or below freezing. So far this week it worked great when the forecast said snow; was quite pleased with how smart it is.

I am using a freeze sensor but thats kinda hardset and I like to think of it as redundancy just incase internet is down or the sensor fails… My whole story behind getting this was last September I was in oregon when an Ice storm hit Metro Denver and I had to call my house sitter over in the ice storm and have him shut off sprinklers… I’d like to avoid that automatically if possible, it’ll help those w/out freeze sensors and the redundancy will keep my mind at ease when im a thousand miles away without internet access.