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To Pablo and Dan,

Thanks for your suggestions. Since OpenSprinkler (microcontroller) and OSPi are based on different hardware and processors, it’s not always possible to keep the software features in sync. I agree that a comparison table would clarify a lot of confusions. But as the OSPi software is undergoing frequent changes (thanks to Dan’s continued contributions), it’s not always easy to keep the comparison table accurate and up to date.

I admit that I am lagging behind on feature development on the microcontroller version, but I am working on getting a new firmware released as soon as I can. The biggest upgrade in the new release is to enable the built-in SD card functionality on the 2.0 hardware, which will allow the controller to serve Javascripts locally, store program data on the SD card, and store logging data on the SD card as well. Some of these changes (e.g. serving files locally) have been implemented, and some are still in progress.

Another heads up is that I have finished the first prototype of OpenSprinkler Beagle (for BeagleBone Black). I don’t have much experience as to comparing Beagle with RPi, say in terms of reliability, but I know some users prefer Beagle for various reasons.

Speaking of embedded Linux, the Arduino team seems to be pushing in this direction. After the Arduino Yun, two new platforms have been announced: Galileo and TRE. Will definitely keep an eye on these new developments.