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Dan in CA


If you use logging on the OS Pi, you might find the post on the wiki about logging and SD cards helpful:,_RTC,_WiFi,_Data_Log#Data_Logging_on_the_Raspberry_Pi

I am using an 8GB SanDisk “Curzer Fit” flash drive on my Pi. It is so small it can fit inside the OS Pi’s cover without needing to cut a hole. It can be replaced when it wears out without having to mess with the SD card.

I agree with your suggestion about a feature comparison chart. The OSPi program is going through some growing pains right now and users keep cumming up with great ideas for new features so it is a little hard to pin down.

Hopefully Ray will come up with another embedded Linux platform that is more reliable. I think the OSPi software would be fairly easy to move to something like that.