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I just received my OpenSprinkler pre-assembled unit today and was excited to set it up. My old controller failed a few days ago and was amazed with the speed with which my order was processed and delivered, in two days, amazing! Thank you 😀

Now to my issue.

The unit arrived with 2.09 firmware and I had problems setting up programs so I decided to upgrade to the Beta 2.1 version. When I say problems I mean I set the program an all looked good but I saw nothing in the Program Preview and it didn’t run the program. The update was flawless and initially looked really good. However even with he improvements and the 2.2 updates I still seem to have a problem. I have looked in the forum and I do not see anyone else having this issue.

Basically I am adding a Program and I am unable to select the days for it to run. I can choose them but when I click out side the dialog it seems to loose my choices, and there is no submit button.
I have tried on Win 7, with Chrome or Safari and Mac OS X with Safari and always have the same problem.

Am I missing something?