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Okay, I think I fixed a few bugs and applied them as a patch. Most of these have been discussed here already however did not make it into the latest version on Ray’s Github.

Here is what I changed:

– Properly identify daylight’s saving time and apply it if needed (@Vaughano let me know if this works please)
– Properly set the last run time (was not applying timezones correctly, thanks @Zapp for pointing this out)
– Fix for the current time line in the program preview
– Fix for sending location information to the home page (thanks @kenbob)

I will continue to test this however attached here is the patch if you wish to try it. To apply put the patch in the same directory and run the following command:

patch < rpi.patch_.06.29.txt

Patch download:

Update: I fixed the below mentioned problems by JBinkley and incorporated the fixes into the above patch.