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Thanks for the kind explanation. As an college grad CIS major and IT admin of over 15 years, I do not believe I have a misunderstanding of HTML.

The way you are describing it, I would be unable to access and configure my OS if the pointer to the java scripts were not accessible. Yes, OS would still run, but couldn’t be configured/managed. Most websites I have coded and managed have had the JavaScript and CSS, etc, local on the same web server, not somewhere else on the web. Which, in this case, since everything would be on my local LAN, an internet connection would be unneeded.

Glad to know the apps have the JavaScript built in and thus don’t need the internet connection.

Please continue to consider offering a web interface that can at least still function without outside connections. I like the new GUI much better than the old, but one of the reasons for choosing OS was because it could function completely independent of other outside network connections. Continuing to be able to host the needed files off the SD card would at least make a good backup method.

Also, consider, treating OS as a local device, allowing individuals to decide when/if they want to upgrade.

Thanks for providing this tech toy for controlling my sprinkler system. It surely makes it more fun! I am happy to help, I just need to find the time to study the code.