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@TechFan wrote:

Apparently, 2.0.8 supports putting the content on SD, but not planned for the next versions.

I don’t think you are being fair in your assessment here. The SD card feature isn’t going anywhere. I simply said the current UI is too bloated to be served as is from the SD card due to Ethernet library issues. That isn’t to say you can’t use the current UI anyways, use the older UI, or make your own UI. All of these options work off the SD card.

You can also host the files on a local server in your local network and the OpenSprinkler can grab the files from there by using the change javascript URL feature available here: http://opensprinkler_ip/su. If you want, I will make a guide on how to host the UI on your own local network. Let me know.

Even if all these features didn’t exist, and you wanted to control a cloud device then you can simply sniff the traffic, monitor the dns it hits to call home, and redirect that DNS to your own server. Try to see if you can get the device to communicate and work from there. Honestly, that is how I developed my first version of the web app (the PHP based one).

The first two options exist now and in the future. They allow you to have complete control of how and where your device gets assets. The third is if you like to play 😛

Update: Also, the app (which has all the files bundled inside) is supported on a large number of platforms both mobile and desktop, listed here:

Amazon Appstore:
Apple App Store – iOS:
Apple App Store – OS X:
BlackBerry AppWorld:
Firefox Marketplace (both browser and OS):
Google Play Store:
Google Web Store (Chrome):
Windows Store:
Windows Phone Store: