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Btw, yes, ilo would like to know how to host the files on my own network. Thanks!

You can change the script url by opening a browser and type in http://x.x.x.x/su where x.x.x.x is your opensprinkler’s ip. The url should point to where the Javascript files are stored. For example, if you change the url to you will see the classic opensprinkler UI. You can also obviously put these Javascript files to your local server, say a Raspberry Pi, and run either Apache or a simple Python HTTP server to serve the Javascript files, then change the url accordingly. This way you can serve the files on your local server.

Apparently, 2.0.8 supports putting the content on SD, but not planned for the next versions.

This is not true. You can always put the Javascript files on the SD card, and serve it locally on the SD card. In this case, simply change the script url (see above) to ./ This is supported in the current version and will be supported in the future as well. What I said is that the classic UI will be discontinued, in favor of the new mobile UI; I didn’t say that SD card support will be discontinued. Thanks for your understanding.