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@vinny wrote:

but, i couldn’t edit any of the fields from a web browser (Normally use Safari also tried Chrome)
Tried to enable ntp, sequential mode etc. None of the settings stuck.

Trying to change the station names didn’t seem to stick it would only take the first few characters, (I realize there is an upper limit but Front Sidewalk used to work just fine)

I honestly don’t understand what you mean by stuck. Did you submit the options and go back in to find no change?

For the station name, do you mean you can’t type more than a few characters? Or do you mean after saving the station names when going back in you only see the first few characters of what you typed?

I would type in a new station name, but going back to the page that lists the stations, the change wasn’t applied it still said S08 (or whatever)

Also turning on ntp, sequential etc, didn’t get applied.

Go to options turn on ntp, then submit, now go back to options, it still says ntp off.

I applied the update was there something else i should do after??