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Sent. Any reason why I might have had trouble trying to restore the config backup last night on 2.0.9 or have my logs missing? Went back to 2.0.8 at the end of the night since I needed my sprinklers to run during the day.

Any specific error when importing your config? If not, what didn’t import?

Are the logs actually corrupt on the SD card or they are simply not showing in the log page? Did the logs show up again on 2.0.8?


Logs are back on 2.0.8.

I got timeout errors and password errors on restore. . .only showed 8 stations instead of 24. . .none of them named. . .no programs restored. . .very slow processing restore command. I can try again tonight. I am wondering if the config file in my local browser got removed potentially? Would be great to actually save out to a file on a PC, then load back in (I would feel more confident I really had it). Ended up restoring from backup on my phone (app v1.1.6beta still).

I think you are exactly right (the backup was bad). I want to add file support but making it work across all platforms is impossible. How about this: for devices supporting files use that instead of email but fallback to email when device unsupported. Also, I will add an import file button next to the import config button (like export) when files are supported. I will try to get around to this very soon as I understand having a file is much better, when possible.

Is there a reason your app is so far behind (1.1.6 beta)?


Update: Also for the logging, I just checked and mine work fine and also show previous logs. I think I know the issue and it’s related to your station count. I assume your logs have 24 stations and currently your controller was only reporting 8. Basically, the program only gets station IDs from the controller and it uses your current station names to re-map them. If you decrease your station count, then all stations above the current count won’t be shown.

Update 2: If you are curious, you can see the backup in the browser by doing: localStorage.getItem(“backup”) in the console when you are on the app. This is the same data that is sent via email export.