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ITDawg, Samer, et al,

Thanks for the help and info.

For reference on my AE:
– my AE version is 7.6.3
– cysm viisible ip address = router ip addr
– LAN ip addr (internal) begins with 10.
– In Airport Utility- Network – DHCP Reservations-Descriptions = OSPI (I provided this description. Reserved by MAC addr, MAC addr of RPi is showing correctly, along with the IPv4 addr of

– In Airport Utility- Network – Port Settings I filled in the same blocks as the other device that can be seen from outside. They are Public TCP port = 80, Private IP addr is, Private TCP port = 80

To answer you questions, yes I have OSPi running as the is showing on the bottom of my terminal screen. Should it have an IP addr in it?

The wifi usb module is flashing. oh, and I am typing this post and reading yours via the RPi in discussion. So I am sure it has an internet connection.

Sorta new to Apple internet/router, seems the Airport Utility can see the Raspberrypi as listed under the Airport Utility display of wireless clients. (Wonder why it does not see t by its MAC addr?)

Not sure I know how to browse to the RPi on my local network?

Thanks again for the help. Hope the details help.