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Thank you Salbahra for your response.

Program Interval – now I think understand. I would never have worked this out without more information, as the variable relates to requirements of the system/firmware, most users would not be aware of. For my requirements, with three of my six programs that are of 30 minutes duration (3 by 10 minutes per station) I need each of these programs to run once per week, so I have entered 23 hours and 30 minutes as the program interval and 23 hours and 15 minutes for the other three programs that are of 45 minutes duration (3 by 15 minutes per station). I hope this is right.

I have now updated the interval program following the instructions at This appeared to work well. I should have thought of this as I had only written the latest image I could find to the micro SD. In doing this I also accessed the Interval program by web interface, turned the rain sensor on and set the normally closed option by unticking the normally open box. My app now reflects this correctly. The Interval program also displays a rain sensor message, no rain sensed …. despite the fact it is raining lightly. I can successfully turn the rain sensor on and off via the settings in the app. Also when I tick the ‘ignore password’ setting and submit, it now confirms the setting is changed. However with the password ignore, when I return to ‘change options’ the box does not retain the tick. I’m not sure whether that’s an issue or not?

Thanks for confirming the password issue more broadly. However when setting up the app from scratch I would still like to be certain that what is being requested is the password for the Interval program (default opendoor)?