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Dan, I am very far from being a programmer. I used to use Dartmouth BASIC (line numbers) a very long time ago. I am more a hardware guy (even that I learned on tubes…). So from a user standpoint it would be nice to have a verifiable installation that is as easy as possible to accomplish. Software installs, upgrades and removals are never easy and they often affect other stuff that the user never thought about.

Firstly is the question of upgrading OSPi itself. Could that be made easier? Could you put a button in the options screen that said. “Check for Updates?” Even better would be one that said “Update available, do you want to install it?” See what I mean?

With regard to Plugins, there were some installed when I opened up 2.04. One was a thing called “Monthly Irrigatin Adjustments” (Copy/Paste from the screen 😀 ). when I ran it, it said “Note: In order for this plugin to actually work, The apscheduler Python module must be installed.
Visit the Wiki for instructions.”
. I followed the Wiki and it did the things it said and I got no errors. I also got no changes displayed on-screen when in the Spinkler webpage. Did something install correctly or, did it fail? How would I know as a user?

I believe that it would be nice if somehow a user could see just what has been installed and, if it is going to work. I have no idea if this is possible but, I sure would like to know that my system is working as I intend it.

Please understand that I am not complaining. I think that OSPi is about the best piece of hardware and software I have bought in a long time. I have had lots of fun building it making it work. It has amazed my neighbors and gotten me at least one free beer so, I am a very happy bunny indeed. I guess it really depends on where you see this product going.

Thanks for a great product and your support.