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My program ran last night 5 hour early automatically….(That is progress)

Given my GMT is -5, I tried an experiment and reprogrammed the Interval timer for a start time 5 hours ahead of the current time. Wa la! The sprinklers ran at the time I set them to run.

I went back and double checked the time settings. They all seemed fine in the Interval timer and on Samer’s web app. However knowing I was off the exact amount of my GMT differential, I went into the RPi via SSH using the following:

sudo raspi-config

Then selected 4 Internationalisation Options and I2 Change Timezone to set my time zone to US and then Central.

Saved that in the RPi and programmed the sprinklers for current local time and they came on at the correct time as programmed!!

So we have this issue fixed!
Thanks for the help!

However, ran into this issue when trying to change the GMT offset during my experimenting. See next post.