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Hi Ray,
Thank you for such a terrific product. I very recently purchased an OS v2.1u and was lucky enough to save a reasonable amount on the shipping (I’m in South Africa) as my wife happened to be in Chicago when I decided to buy it 😀
It didn’t take long to solder the components to the board and have it up and running with no issues.
This has got to be the best irrigation controller I’ve used and especially love it when I’m out in the garden with my wife and she comments that “the flower beds are looking a little dry”, out comes the phone and on comes the water 😛

Just curious about this topic (Rain Delay only selectable Stations) as it’s about the only feature I’d dearly love to have at the moment as I have a zone that is under cover and does not get any rain so if I activate the rain delay (absolutely love that feature) this particular zone would not get watered.
I see this feature seems to be in the OSPi already and was wondering how close the OS is to getting this option too?
I did see your comments above about coding in a bypass for the specific station and may just look into that as we’re just coming into our rainy season here, but if it will only be a short wait for this to be added to the OS then I may just wait.