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I was out of town for a week: Here’s the latest info:

OS#2: Firmware ver. 205 Battery checked 2.9VDC. After a week of being off, I connected to internet LAN and time showed all zeros (I had removed the battery to check voltage). NTP synced up to correct time and date, but wrong day (Thurs instead of Monday). Turned unit off, disconnected LAN cable and turned back on: time started again at 00:00 and day/date at 01-01. This occurred twice; once with NTP “ON” and again with NTP “OFF”. Every time I turn the machine off and then back on, the time starts again at 00:00.

OS#1. Battery checked good. I found that station 5 was always on (w/o any LCD or program indication). I re-soldered all the leads to station 5 and it worked like a champ hooked up to a internet-less router…. thought everything was peachy but it hung up at 1457-1456 the following afternoon. So I turned on RTP, hooked up to home LAN w/internet. It re-synced fine. Turned RTP “OFF” and reconnected to internet-less router. I’ll see how long it lasts. It seems to work well until I connect my iphone… More to come…