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I checked the battery pins; looked good; re-soldered anyway; no joy. I’m getting voltage to (what I think is) the RTC (1/4″chip dead center of the board; second pin in from the bottom right corner). I rechecked everything for solder problems (looked fine but re-soldered crystals because they looked a little iffy…), dissembled to check the GND-VCC and GND-VIN resistance, both above 1k. GND-VCC and GND-VIN volts both check good as well. Reassembled and it still comes up all zeros until it syncs up with NTP.

Also, the other OS (#1); it works great most of the time, but somehow got “stuck” again last night. On my iPhone APP the “current status” showed stuck at “Thurs 20 Dec 2058 at 17:18” and the LCD display showed the same except “Sat” instead of “Thurs”. It had been connected to non-internet router with NTP “off”. I re-synced w/internet (NTP ON); it re-synced ok. I turned NTP “OFF” and reconnected to the other router. It stayed on time for a minute of two, then the day on the LCD turned back to “Sat”. I noticed whenever it goes to “sat” I could not connect with my iPhone and I was unable to bring up the IP address by pressing B1 (or B2). I reset it again and its been staying on track, even through a power outage last night (July 31). Update (1 Aug) still good at 11PM tonight.