OK, got it working. For completeness here is what I did…

So it is communicating with the Interval Program on port 8080- it is NOT using the Mobile App on port 80.

All documentation states the Interval program needs to be installed – it needs to be installed and be running
(Sorry, this may have been a bit obvious but I didn’t get from the docco that the Interval program had to be running).

Running the interval program manually by “sudo python ospi.py” generated a few errors, one of which was
“No GPIO module was loaded”

— For this error you need to install the Adafruit Beaglebone IO library to access to the GPIO, from website
sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev python-setuptools python-pip python-smbus
sudo pip install Adafruit_BBIO
Test your installation using the commands on the website and follow the ‘Starting the program automatically’ instructions
when all is well.

Now, running the Interval Program manually I get the following warnings:
ubuntu@arm:~/OSPi$ sudo python ospi.py
Ignoring exception while loading the monthly_adj plug-in.
name ‘Scheduler’ is not defined
plugins loaded:

Starting timing loop

I’m not sure about those couple of warnings But all appears to work OK.

Thank you for your assistance Ray, I’m certain that you have this information somewhere on the OpenSprinkler website
but the information is a bit ‘dispersed’. Hopefully this post will help any BBB newbs (& Pi newbs as well) out there
trying to get this going.

I want to reiterate what is regularly stated by posters, this is a great project with a great front end by Samer.

Thanks again and Cheers