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@ray wrote:

Can you tell which version of Raspberry Pi do you have? Rev.1 (which does not have screw holes) and rev. 2 (which has screw holes) have slightly different pin names in Python, so you will need to change the pin name according.

For several versions back, the OSPi python program detected the Raspberry Pi rev and configured the pins appropriately. And in the Oct 1, 2013 version of OSPi, the code was further enhanced to use pin numbering to address this issue. So I’m not seeing how Raspberry Pi rev can be the issue, but I’m probably missing something here.

@ray wrote:

On the other hand, the ospi_selftest program, which is written in C, should work in either case. So I would suggest running that first to see if your solenoids can turn on.

Yes, do this, it will tell you if the OSPi Python program is the problem.

Also double check all connections: ribbon cable (make sure each end is oriented correctly), 24 VAC, valve wires, etc.