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Just configuring sprinklers_pi for the first time. While I did find information about configuring the “Settings” section, I did not find anything for the Schedules. Seems fairly simple so that is likely why. However I did run into a problem with Schedules that I wanted to report.

When I try to create an 11th Schedule, it allows me to start the process but presents an error when I Save it. The error popup reads “The page at : reports error” Until I click the error, I cannot do anything in any of my Chrome windows. I also tried this in IE with a similar result of a popup window that just said “error”.

My guess is that there is a limit of 10 Schedules which is fine. I was trying to create one schedule for each plant type for each season or 16 schedules. I can just alter that plan.

May I suggest a couple of things. First if there was a note somewhere on the Schedules webpage that notified you of the limit that would be helpful. Second if the Add button became unselectable and gray after you have 10 schedules created, it would save you from configuring the 11th schedule and then finding out when you save that 11th schedule that there was an error.

Great program… Just a bit of constructive criticism…