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@Zodiac69 wrote:

Is it possible to include the current wind speed and “inhibit” the schedules if the wind speed is above value “X”?

I’m still trying to figure out what part of the country you are in. If the part with golf ball sized hail stones, I wonder how many personal weather stations survived yesterdays storm up in Gauteng?

Back to your topic, I’ve been thinking on the same lines as while most early mornings in Durbanville have almost no wind, we do have the odd day where the wind blows enough that I don’t want the sprinklers on, as the wind blows the water against the house, and due to the high Iron content, stains the walls.

I’ve got as far as mangling the code on my Pi to pull the metric values from WUnderground, and have added the current wind speed, but I can’t get the wind reading to display. Inhibiting the schedule is probably the best choice, as the wind only gets stronger during the day.