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Hi Rich,
Thanks for taking the time to produce such an excellent control interface for OpensprinklerPi.
I’ve been looking at the way you adjust the schedule using WUnderground and have this question. How does the program adjust for today’s rainfall given that the API calls refer only to yesterday’s conditions?

Yes, it looks at today’s rainfall as well. If you look at the WUnderground Check screen (under the Advanced menu), you should see “Precip Today”.

I can see that, but the only references to the WUnderground api calls I can find are retrieving values for “yesterday”:

		if (usePws)
snprintf(getstring, sizeof(getstring), "GET /api/%s/yesterday/conditions/q/pws:%s.json HTTP/1.0nn", key, pws);
snprintf(getstring, sizeof(getstring), "GET /api/%s/yesterday/conditions/q/%ld.json HTTP/1.0nn", key, (long) zip);

Am I missing something? I’ve never seen anything but a zero value for “Precip Today”.