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Thanks so much for the excellent program. Very simple and easy to setup up.
I am having one issue and it may be very newbie of me to not be able to understand where it’s coming from.
I seem to get no response from the graph and table logs. I figured I needed to set up the Wunderground function
to actually see it, but yesterday I set it up and I do get data from the Wunderground Diagnostics section so it’s working.
Just the display for the logged irrigation times and adjustments are not.

I went into the /var/log/sprinkler_pi file and grabbed some of that information for you to see.

(from when I access the logs page)
2014/02/19 09:26:26 Got a client
2014/02/19 09:26:26 Found a KV pair : sdate -> 1392163200
2014/02/19 09:26:26 Found a KV pair : edate -> 1392768000
2014/02/19 09:26:26 Page:json/tlogs
2014/02/19 09:26:26 Prepare Failure (no such table: zonelog)

(from when the schedule runs)
2014/02/19 05:30:00 Connected
2014/02/19 05:30:00 Adjusting H(-38)T(-40)R(-62344):0
2014/02/19 05:30:00 Turning Off All Zones
2014/02/19 06:00:00 Connected
2014/02/19 06:00:00 Adjusting H(-38)T(-40)R(-62344):0
2014/02/19 06:00:00 Turning Off All Zones

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks from me and my plants for the amazing program.