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Great comments and observations eddiek2000. I put my pi behind a pretty nice surge protector. I’m also going to be adding a fastblow fuse to prevent overcurrent damage. Your comments also made me think that I should have a second setup on hand including a ready to go image of my present SD card.

Because I needed the extra zones (and they weren’t available yet with this c version), I’ve been set up on the interval program and the Web app for about two weeks now. I do like the web app ability for vacations and testing and such. But, one of the other creative mind here came up with a way to fix that for this c version, too. So, I think my plan is to get another SD and flash it with this version and then use that set up: see what works the best. I will say the set up on this version is MUCH more friendly to novices.

These are just amazing options. Seeing what’s in people’s grasp at this point makes me think of other ways I can improve things around the home: adding sensors to check and control for things like water leakage (hot water tank, sprinkler valve stuck open with electronic valve control for emergencies), garage door control, and access control. There are things that could reduce waste, property damage and improve quality of life.