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@rszimm wrote:

Great ideas! Pretty busy today but I’ll dig into this tomorrow.

Oh, and yes, the first output of the board is reserved for the “pump” or “master valve” output. That’s why there are only 7 zones.

Just started to play with this package on my setup. I have 8 zones and no need for pump so wondering how difficult it is to modify to support 8 zones with the main board. Seems silly for me to need to buy an expansion. 😀

I haven’t opened the source up to see how things work.

So now I have opened the source up. Looks like the zone control and pump control is in a couple functions: pumpControl(), TurnOnZone() and isZoneOn()

Looks like if there was a flag for “Use Pump/Master” then these 3 functions could be modified to allow for the first pin to be used as a Zone vs. used as pump. Are there other assumptions in the code in other places that might also need a change?