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I’m curious as to what you are watering, and where you are located. Your needs sound much different than mine.

Here in the SW USA. I have different needs between the seasons, and the changes are necessary for the interval between watering and to a lesser degree, the valve run-time. In the summer, I need to water citrus trees about every 7 days. In the winter once every 30 days is adequate. During the Spring/Fall the needs are in between. I have other types of vegetation with different seasonal requirements. For others, I’ll probably just change the watering interval

Thanks to the huge number of programs that OpenSprinkler can handle, I’ll probably just set up multiple programs and then enable/disable them as the season changes.

At the risk of driving Ray nuts with requests, a copy program feature would be nice. As long as I’m at it, the ability to save and restore the programs would be nice too.