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@mb42: I understand your disappoinement and I apologize for not making enough stride along the improvements you suggested. In my own defense, please understand that as a single-person open-source business, I don’t have the kind of resources that big commercial companies have, in terms of technical development and support. OpenSprinkler started as a DIY open-source project, for educational purpose, and for giving users the flexiblity of customizing the code if they want. Overtime, it has evolved into something a lot bigger than I thought when I started, and I think it remains the lowest-cost web-connected sprinkler controller on the market. As an open-source project, it relies on community contributions to improve it. If you have an improvement in mind and have the programming skills, I would very much appreciate you to contribute to the project. So far I am pretty much the only person working on the firmware code. I have a day-time job and I work on the hobby business in my spare time. I don’t want to be the single point of bottleneck, so if you have programming skills, you have all the source code availble, please consider making changes to the code. Frankly this is the state of the situation, and I very much appreciate your understanding.

To answer your questions:

1. When will the new programming features be deployed?

A lot of the new features, including per-station water time within a single program, are being integrated into the next firmware update numbered 2.1.0. The unified UI, available from the just released 2.0.8, allows Samer and I to work together to roll out 2.1.0.

2. How can I help OS evolve into a device that not only matches the programming capabilities of other controllers, but surpasses them? Hopefully my previous posts are helpful, but I am willing to help more.

See what I said above.