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    I am glad to announce the birth of OpenGarage — an open-source garage door opener based on the ESP8266 WiFi chip. It’s basically a controller that allows you to remotely monitor garage door status and trigger garage door actions (by simulating garage door button clicks). It also provide logging and history graph for checking past events. I’ve used it myself for three months and have been really happy with it. I’ve heard very positive comments from my relatives / friends too. The main project website and the introduction video are at:
    At the moment it’s mapped to a blog post at, but we will build a more professional site in the near future.

    While this is not directly related to OpenSprinkler, I know that a number of OpenSprinkler users were using OpenSprinkler’s built-in relay to control garage doors (and we’ve been receiving questions about why that built-in relay has been removed in recent hardware revisions). So I think it is still relevant. Technique-wise, OpenGarage differs from OpenSprinkler mainly in two ways: 1) it has built-in WiFi, by using the very popular and low-cost ESP8266 chip; 2) it supports remote access through cloud serer, thus there is no need to require port-forwarding. On the other hand, OpenGarage is a much simpler product, and involves just one relay and one button.

    The software framework I built for OpenGarage will be quite useful for future projects, including OpenThermostat, which I am hoping to work on next. On the forum you’ve probably seen various efforts to re-design OpenSprinkler using ESP8266 too:
    although it’s very much to our interests to go towards an ESP8266-based OpenSprinkler, I don’t think it’s practical to complete it this year, as it involves not just hardware and software changes, but also enclosure change. So realistically it won’t happen anytime soon.

    Feel free to post your comments and questions here. Thanks!




    Nice, this can interest some people from our home automation community.
    Can you give somewhere an “API” to get the informations and actions.
    Status info
    Triggering relay

    That will be good (as I don’t have a garage and will not have in the house, but with this I can easly make a plugin for users of Jeedom)



    Ordered one even if I don’t have a garage yet 🙂

    Thank you.



    Ok, reading the firmware files, I see these informations avalaible :




    Right ?



    That’s correct. Sorry that I haven’t had time to write the API document, but this is where all the server functions are registered:

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OpenSprinkler Forums Comments, Suggestions, Requests Announcing OpenGarage — an Open-Source WiFi Garage Door Opener