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    I’m an irrigation professional and have tried many of the modern weather smart controllers available and keep abreast of the latest tech available.ET based types vary based on the complexity of the ET calc. Method used.The hunter “solar sync”
    So far has been the simplest to use but wether it could be adapted to open or ospi I’m not it savy enough to know.Basicly it moves the percentage adjustment up or down .There have been several similar products over the years.

    90To 98pecent of the accuracy of evapotranspiration formulas come from temp,solar radiation and humidity sensors which the solar sync does well.There are many more complex controllers that take into account soil profiles ,onsite weather,moisture sensors,micro climate coefficients,slope,irrigation distribution uniformity and more.A highly accurate
    Software program made to run with windows and phidgets is ruralhomesoft(freeware).Hunter,toro,weather smart,acclima,tucor and lately galcon gsi have excellent software but all come with strings attached(monthly fees,expensive interfaces).if some one would like to try and test the out put of the solar sync I have one you can try.
    I also have a hunter on site weather station for their ET water system.The systems that rely on web weather I don’t
    Like, here in Hawaii it can be raining hard and sunny on opposite sides of the street.Moisture sensors require more input or many sensors to cover several zones.My ideal open sprinkler would have a solar sync type ET adjuster with a recording rain gauge for more accurate rain delay and flow monitoring for water usage and over flow shutdown.sprinkler type can also play an important role in station runtimes.The best web site for an over view of the state of the art is “irrigation tutorials”
    Several of the larger companies offer their software for free but I doubt the source code is open.I’ll try and post some links to the latest best I can find.I can field questions about proper irrigation scheduling and best watering method. Aloh rwp

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OpenSprinkler Forums Comments, Suggestions, Requests Best smart controllers as source for open sprinkler