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    I have an interesting application and was wondering if this tool could help meet my needs.

    I have an open source geothermal heat pump. So, in the summertime when the A/C is running, water is pumped from my well, heat from the house is transferred to the well water and the warmed water is sent to the sprinkler system where it is distributed to 9 zones. I currently use a conventional sprinkler timer to distribute the water by fixed times covering the entire 24 hour day. It works pretty well during the heat of summer, because the hotter the weather, the greater the lawn watering needs. It’s a pretty crude, but effective approach.

    It seems to me that a better approach would be to only open the sprinkler valves when there is a water source available (ie. the heat pump is running). It would also be good to accumulate (or totalize) the flow to each zone and distribute the water per each zone’s relative need. Since it’s cooled off, I’ve observed that the heat pump runs several times an hour from 8am to noon (due to the house orientation/solar load in the windows) but less than once an hour after that.

    Thanks for your comments and consideration.

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