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    I had an odd situation occur… I set the password, 17 characters, and used the password several times. At some point, the password stopped working and I received: 401 Unauthorized. I stored the password in KeePass and used it several times, so I’m pretty confident it isn’t a fat fingering issue.

    1. Are there logs on this device I can access?
    2. How do you do a hard reset?
    3. Is there a way to backup my configuration?
    4. Has this been seen previously?



    1) I do not believe the device stores any logs, mainly because of storage limitations

    2) The hardware reset is outlined in the user manual:

    Reset: hold B2 while starting the controller, until you see the Reset screen. Select yes and then hold B3, a hardware reset will be triggered, and the controller will recover to default settings.

    3) Using my mobile app you can export and import your configuration. This backs up everything except the HTTP port and device password (prevent setting them to something you don’t know).

    4) I have never heard of this nor experienced this however I suppose anything can happen.



    The password has a 15 character limit. I may have forgotten to add a checker in the firmware to check if it’s more than 15 characters. So if you put in more than 15 characters I am sure it will cause a problem. Will fix this in the firmware.



    Thanks, Samer and Ray.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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