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    I am not computer illiterate but need a point in the right direction. I am trying to modify the existing 3.0 firmware to include upnp and dyndns clients. So far I have downloaded the firmware and arduino 1.8.9 software. I can successfully compile the binary using the make.lin30 file (ubuntu 16.04 server command line). I have added the libraries (to the arduino folder) EasyDDNS and TinyUPnP. This is where I need a clue where to add the add the include lines and setup and declarations. I know php and mysql but am not good at C++ though I can and have modified existing C++ on several occasions. The code to add is in the help files for and Any help will be appreciated. Thanks



    Before you proceed, perhaps you could describe why you need to add EasyDDNS and TinyUPnP? I have never used these libraries so not entirely sure what they do. Is this for adding dynamic DNS capability? Would DDNS support on your router be sufficient for your need?



    I have installations of Open Sprinkler where I am required to have remote access. With the existing systems I manually set up dyndns and port forwarding on the routers.

    The addition of EasyDDNS and TinyuPnP would automate the process of remote access to OpenSprinkler documented here:

    I do not have easy access to the routers at all locations where I wish to install Open Sprinkler.

    I prefer to pursue options that do not involve the “cloud”

    I have continued experimenting with the addition of these 2 libraries on Arduino but keep running into what look like dependency issue problems but I am not 100% sure.

    I have successfully implemented the above with opensprinkler pi but a pi is a bit of overkill for this application.

    I thank you very much for your reply!

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