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    I’m close to finally using my OSBee in my small project. I want to control two valves and a pump (220V) with it, so I’m currently looking for a latching 24V relay for that. Would the Finder latching (detaisl at do the job ? Or should I put a series resistor to protect it ?

    Or alternatively, would it be better to leave the third half bridge alone, and connect the ESP output to a separate 3V3 relay board ?

    Thanks for your bright ideas,



    I am a bit confused by the relay that you linked to. It has conflicting information: on the page it mentions it’s 24VDC, but then the image and title both say coil voltage is 12VAC. I think if you can find 12VDC latching relay it should work just fine — OSBee switches on or off a latching relay by sending an impulse voltage, which lasts only a brief moment, so the specific voltage doesn’t really matter very much.

    You can also use a standard DC non-latching relay — in that case you need to set the controller in non-latching mode and short the non-latching solder jumper. That way, the 5V from USB will provide continuous current to keep the relay on. The reason to use this is that non-latching DC relays are much more common and cheap to buy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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