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    Hi, this is my first time post to see if there is anyone out there who has a set up similar to mine and can give me some advise.

    I have my open sprinkler set up with only 3 zones, 2 outside and one in a green house but I want to create a new one as a seedling propagation zone with a heat mat underneath to create a seed germination environment for my chillies, flowers and vegetables inside the greenhouse.

    I need to create a zone with a wet leaf sensor to trigger misting nozzle so seedlings remain damp but not soaked. I have seen the Galgon wet leaf sensor that only triggers when the sensor dries out and opens the sprinkler either for a very short period (1 minute) or until the wet leaf sensor closes. Can I use the rain sensor circuit?

    I could set up a 5 second watering period every 2 hours (or something like this) without a wet leaf sensor as a watering cycle on the Opensprinkler but I understand I cant use ‘seconds’ as a watering period and this doesn’t taking into account evaporation and I don’t want to soak small fragile seedlings.

    Any green fingered horticulturalist out there?
    Many thanks



    I’d be interested in doing this too – I am setting up a greenhouse for deciduous tree cuttings with bottom hot water heat and am interested in using a ‘leaf’ as a humidity sensor to control a misting system. I might also be able to control the system through another commercial product that is controlling other aspects of the greenhouse but would much better do it through Opensprinkler as it is much more flexible.

    I am using OpenSprinkler for controlling my container yard water and will probably start using it to automate my 10 propagation houses watering as well. Would love to be able to control zones individually as per input from soil moisture sensors like



    1) you can use ‘seconds’ as watering period up to 59 seconds, then the granularity becomes minutes. This is mainly due to limited EEPROM storage. In future firmware we plan to make better use of the microSD card and thus eliminate this restriction.

    2) The rain sensor circuit currently only allows the ‘stop watering’ logic, it does not have a ‘start watering’ logic, hence you can’t directly use it to achieve ‘start watering when sensor is activated’. This will require a firmware change to support such capability.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Comments, Suggestions, Requests Leaf wetness sensor and seedling misting