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    I have my Opensprinkler (pi edition) and raspberry pi rev 2 board connected and the station outputs, and comm neg wired up to a solderless breadboard with some resistors and leds so I can test some software I am writing for the raspberry pi. I have 5V VAC with 750MA wired up to the power in connector on the pi opensprinkler board. The point of this is to have the leds light up when a station is on?

    I have tried a number of different software setup including the sample scripts and other selftest scripts that I have written but I am unable to get the leds to light up/ get any voltage out of the station outputs. I have tested the breadboard in isolation and the leds light up fine when 5v are applied to them.

    I can measure 5v across the comm output and the + input but no voltage at all accross the comm output and the station outputs when the SelfTest software is running…

    Can the pi opensprinkler board run with a voltage less that 24Vac ie 5Vac.

    My next step is to buy another 24Vac transformer (as my current one is running garden open sprinkler setup) and wire up a 24volt solenoid.

    Any help is always appreciated.




    5V VAC? Or do you mean 5V DC? Do you have a 5V AC transformer or where is it coming from?

    The LED is a power indicator, it is not for showing station status, it merely indicates the 5V line is available.

    COM is connected to one of the 24VAC wires. If you don’t provide AC voltage to the 24VAC in terminal,, there won’t be any voltage output. 5V is only used for signal logic, it is not used to power the sprinkler solenoids.


    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The 5V I have wired into the terminal is coming from an AC mobile phone charger.

    The point of using a 5V input ATM with the solderless breadboard and leds was to simulate a solenoid setup as I want to test that the software I am writing is working correctly.

    ATM non of the provided phython, the c self test program or any of the scripts/code I have written work with the scenario I have described in my earlier post.

    I am going to pick up another 24VAC transformer and wire up a spare solenoid to do the testing.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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