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    Hi together,
    Just like to show you some pictures of my first sprinkler installation. Well in previouse (rented) houses I I did try some Gardena stuff but that was more like a desaster than a solution. Also the (already present) sprinkler system (4 channel Hunter) in a previouse House was not that sufficient (but OK), so once I build my own house I often read about open sprinkler in the Arduino Forum. Well as the Building was done it was time for the Garden and due to shortage of time (and many project at the same time) I decided to use Open Sprinkler instead of a PI or Arduino DIY project. As much I like to build my own things it was the perfect decission as it would cost me so many hours to reinvent such a great solution (if possible at all for me as there is so much knowlage involved and necessary).

    Once recived the OS device I did play around with it on my desk to figure out the possibility´s. Fast I came to the conclusion to use it even for the garden lights, wall light´s and ilumination of the trees plus others. It´s great as some light´s I will use during the full night, others just for some hours and even other “others” jsut for party and so 😉 – to finalize I just wait for an other ordered extension board (so the 2nd one is not on the pictures jet)

    In practice I simply fire up some relay boards that was laying around to control to AC voltage of the lamp circuts.

    OK back to the sprinklers. In total I use 16 valves arranged in 4 areas with 4 zones each. Two additional changels are used to fire up the pump and the main valve.
    It´s a little tricky here as we have to generate our own water out of a well, run it to large filters (out of concrete rings filled up with charcoal, gravel and sand) to get rid of the fine sand and iron + banlance the PH level. (simple but works well). To store the generated water that is created during the day I build up a large fish pond out of concrete with a capacity of around 150 m². A great deal as I grow delicious fishes, have my water for the irrigation system and even a resevoir for fire extinguish water in the even of …. (lets hope thats never happen) for the house or the forrest.

    So I can just recommend the Open Sprinkler solution in many ways. A product that work out of the box greatly with the posibility for extension and a wide range of usage.
    Thats something you cant say in our days to many products, thats why I like to highlight it !!!!

    Best regards to the OS team and great succes to the others for there projects.




    Great pictures and fantastic wiring! Thank you for sharing!



    Indeed, nice pictures, and the wiring looks very organized and professional 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Pictures and Creative Use New setup in Thailand