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    Greetings –

    I am having some problems with my 1.2u DIY kit not responding to HTTP requests. Everything has been operating well for several years, but in the last few days it stopped responding to http requests. It also seems to be having trouble setting time/date from the network. It appears to be finding the network — the searching for network display goes away and the LCD shows the usual ______’s for active zones. It is also responsive to pings and the “connection” led on the router is on, showing that the link is good. The time, however, starts at 00:00 and the date at 1/1 and doesn’t reset.

    One other thing I tried was to run the B1-initiated self-test, and that successfully cycled through the zones turning them all on for 5 seconds each.

    Any suggestions appreciated. I know this is an older system, but it’s also been very robust, so I’m hoping there is lore out there than might help!



    Any help appreciated — I’m now watering using the 5-seconds-per-zone test mode, which is the only way I can turn on my zones 🙁




    Hi David, I’ve responded to you in email. In my last reply, I said I suspect the issue is the NTC sync server — since OS version 1.2 does not have a built-in RTC, it gets time from NTC server each time. Firmware 1.8.3 hardcodes the NTP server ip does not expose it to the web interface. But we can try re-compile the firmware with a new NTP server IP and it should solve the problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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