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    I’m in the process of installing Open Sprinkler with an eye towards automating my pool control system.  It looks like a pretty good fit, at first glance.  I think I can control the each 24v valve actuators with two zones – one for for each direction.  And it looks like I can control my Pentair Variable Speed pump with 4 zones, one for each pre-determined RPM.  There is a serial format to control all this, that would be a great addition, but I’m happy to get started with just the 4 pre-programmed speeds.

    I would also like to control my solar panels that provide the hot water to the pool.  These collect “free” solar energy, but at an increased pumping cost.  So, I’d like to carefully monitor the intake and outflow temps of the panels, and then do some smart manipulation of the pump RPM (and kwh usage) to capture the maximum solar BTU per watt of pumping cost.  It looks to me like this could be a pretty neat plugin to the OSPI python-based system.

    The basic Javascript front end/scheduler would do a primitive controller; it would have to be improved for a real pool controller.  But it is tantalizingly close.

    Just wondering if anyone has done anything in this area.



    Just to add an idea. You can use another zone/valve to fill the pool and possibly the ADC to sense water-level for automatic filling.



    jon gillioz

    I’m doing this too as we speak to control timing and pool lights as well as lights around pool. i also run openremote so can enable and disable stuff from my GUI




    I just bought a peristaltic pump that I will use to dose chlorine into the pool on a daily basis.  I will just run it as a zone each morning for a few minutes.  I will just adjust the run time to home in on a target chlorine level.  I can set the time to run when my pool pump runs each day.  This looks to be the easy part, other than having a 110v relay required.

    For topping off the pool, I was planning to use another open sprinkler zone  and add an additional valve to my sprinkler system and have it pour into the pool.  I would set it to run for a set time each day, to counter evaporation, and have the run signal for it go thru a level switch that prevents it from running if the pool was already full from rain.

    This is my current plan.



    Cool. Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated, and post a picture or two if possible. Much appreciated 🙂 Thanks.



    As a new pool owner with Pentair equipment and a new OpenSprinkler Pi owner, I’ll be watching this thread closely.

    I was thinking along the same lines….

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