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    I have an OSPi that has been working for about 8 years. Several weeks ago it stopped working. I have:

    1) replaced the OSPi board with a new one
    2) replaced the 24VAC power supply with a new one
    3) checked the sprinkler loads, which are all between 25 and 40 ohms
    4) checked the power levels, which are good
    5) I can ssh into the rpi and everything looks fine
    6) the web pages are served up, and the interface appears as if it is doing the right things, but nothing opens
    7) updated RPi OS to buster

    Support said “replace the OSPi board”, so I did. When that didn’t work, they said “We test our OSPi boards, so it’s probably not that. It’s probably the firmware installation or the RPi.”

    I’m stuck. Is there any way to determine if it’s the RPi firmware vs hardware?

    Any troubleshooting suggestions appreciated. My yard is not happy, with no water for weeks 🙁

    I will probably try to replace the RPi B+ that has run



    I have now replaced the RPi, as well. Everything is replaced, but all my zone output pins are at 24V despite the software saying they are off. Any help really appreciated!



    When you said your zone pins are at 24V, between which pins are you measuring this? Also make sure you measure AC voltage, not DC.



    Ray, thanks so much for noticing and reaching out! I’ve been an OS fan since I built one of your DIY ones many years ago.!

    I am measuring AC from the common to each of the zone connections. And all the valves are open. I’ve mostly closed the manual valve near the pump because it otherwise loses prime trying to feed 8 zones. But I can see water dribbling through multiple zones.



    I reinstalled the OS on the RPi, just in case there was something from the old configuration causing problems. Now there should be nothing that hasn’t been replaced. Support says to mail everything back, which I guess is the next step.

    I’m sad and frustrated that I am still down after six weeks of debugging and replacing everything 🙁

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) OSPi stopped working, how can I debug?