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    According to wiki any .py files with executable group permission should be loaded.
    I have a pull of last master (Dan-in-CA) and for example signaling_examples.py and system_update.py which I checked are group executable, do not show up in the web interface menu.

    Plugins dropdown shows only “plugins manager” which when clicked does not take one to a manager page (apparently /plugins, according to my page inspection) and “none”.

    plugin_manager.py is also group executable.

    /plugins doesn’t make much sense since all other pages are /v?.

    Maybe I am missing some setup detail? Would like to get weather plugin going but first need any plugin to work.



    Dan in CA

    I replied with some suggestions to the issue you posted on GitHub .

    Are you still seeing the problem?




    What version are you running on?  I had the same problem and once I upgrade the problem went away.  If you rely on the upgrade plugin, you may need to do a git pull to upgrade since plugins aren’t working.  I’m now on 2.2.36 my previous problematic version was dated 2015-04-17 (don’t remember the version number).



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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