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    Member I have and questions concerning a potential OpenSprinkler application.

    The top of the first picture numerically details the drip irrigation system for a raised bed on block (ie. Table Top) garden. It also contains
    • Data manually copied & pasted from a local weather station.
    • Coefficient inputs to optimize for crop type, irrigation efficiency and effective rainfall.
    • Irrigation requirements in both area and total volume derived from the station and coeffients.
    • Irrigation duration (min:sec) based upon the above irrigation details.

    The second picture is a rendering of the gardens irrigation system.

    Pictures beyond exhibit current crop growth.

    How would OpenSprinkler best be used in automating this irrigation with water conservation process? What degree of effort in terms of integration time and $ have I described?

    Where are valves best located? It seems to me, a trade-off of either several tubing runs with valves centrally located, or several 4 conductor telephone wires (as mentioned elsewhere) with valves distributed around the garden fed from a mainline. Is that about the gist of it?

    I have read of rain sensors. Do they measure and retain how much rain has fallen, or simply ‘is rain falling now’? After automating, there shouldn’t be any issues when the data indicates that no irrigation is required except, nothing happens. A NOP. Can rain sensors also be used as a feedback to confirm expected water delivery, or is monitoring some sort of water meter preferred?

    Are there meteorological sensors like those used in the weather station data available for the OpenSprinkler? I would eventually like to have minimal dependencies.

    (Sry if I have mangled the url embedding. I don’t see the links I was expecting in the preview screen.)

    Best Regards

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